Flemington Racecourse Maps

Client: Victoria Racing Club
 Flemington Racecourse, Victoria, Australia
 Wayfinding Map Design and Artwork
Year: 2014
Mike Heine, Steve Jones, Anthea Lemmer

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Flemington Racecourse is Victoria’s premiere racing venue – hosting the world famous Melbourne Cup and the Spring Racing Carnival, and many other non-racing festivals and concerts throughout the year. The venue is visited by many hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom are unfamiliar with the site and its various destinations.

HeineJones developed a unique three dimensional
digital model of the Flemington site – allowing the
view to be altered to present a ‘heads up’ view of
the site regardless of the orientation of the sign on
which it is positioned. The map has been carefully
designed to reduce visual clutter, present a
destination hierarchy, and communicate the layout
of the site and destination information in a concise
and clear way. Destination coding has been
developed which in time will be extended to pre
and post arrival communication to present a
seamless wayfinding journey.

The map was implemented across key visitor
information node signage, and printed and digital
communication. Survey data and staff feedback
have indicated a significant improvement in the
visitors wayfinding experience – with a staggering
1500% increase in destination finding success
and perceived clarity of site.


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