Mornington Shire

Client: Mornington Peninsula Shire
Dromana, Hastings, Rosebud, Rye, Sommerville and Sorrento
Wayfinding and interpretative signage system design, prototypes, production and installation
Timeline: Delivered on time: June to December 2009
Mike Heine, Steve Jones, Kim Beckers, Krista Malloch; Glass Metal Industries and Banana Graphics Sign Builders (both contractors engaged and managed by HeineJones)

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In 2009, HeineJones designed pedestrian wayfinding systems for six Mornington Peninsula Shire rural and seaside towns: Dromana, Hastings, Rosebud, Rye, Sommerville and Sorrento.

HeineJones’s solution combines directional, route, information hub and interpretive signage. The signs feature colour themes appropriate to coastal settings, and robust components resistant to vandalism. Importantly, they are economical to maintain in these urban and coastal environments.

The full suite incorporates primary, secondary and tertiary directional signs, as well as primary and secondary interpretative signs. They use maps, text, symbols and pictograms to clearly convey wayfinding, access, amenity and regulatory information.

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